Testy Tuesday Results

26 October 2021


Today’s Quiz was created by Jack Maake from Parks Restaurant and Bar. Here are the correct answers for today’s Testy Tuesday Quiz:


The main customer in our business are Century staff. They’re not the only customer, but they’re extremely important as they make the decisions with regards to whether we can stay in business or not. When they’re happy, we’re happy. Of course residents and visitors are also critical. They pay our salaries and the more they visit us, the better we all do.


The two key words that our business lives by are Quality and Consistency. When we’re offering our customers and guests, the best quality food, service, experience, music, etc, and we’re consistently delivering top quality all the time, our customers can only be happy, and want to come back, over and over.


Everyone in our business is responsible for serving customers in our business. If something needs to be done to ensure our customers and guests are getting the best quality and consistency, it’s everyone’s business to make sure it gets done. If one part of our business fails, we all fail, and so we do everything we can to ensure we all succeed.


Only Bartenders are allowed to be behind the bar and prepare orders. This is to ensure accountability and responsibility is owned by the correct people. Kitchen staff are responsible for the kitchen, Bar Tenders for the Bar, Waitrons for the public areas.


A Mystery Customer is someone unknown who comes to check if we are following the standards of our business at all times. They may come at any time, on any day. Sometimes for a full meal, and sometimes just for a drink. Their main purpose is to observe the entire team, to ensure we’re offering up quality and consistency. We’ll never know we had a Mystery Customer until they’ve left.

Obviously we should treat all of our customers and guests as if they’re watching our every move to ensure we’re offering up the best quality and consistency as all times.


See you next week. In the mean time, keep on learning as you go

The Team at Testy Tuesday