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Here are the correct answers for today’s Testy Tuesday Quiz:


The Nut Screw is not a type of wine opening device.

The Ah-So-Cork Puller: This wine opener looks strange, but it’s a tried and true wine opening tool that can be easily stored or carried. To use, work in the two prongs between the cork and bottle. Once all the way in, twist and pull to bring out the cork. It’s also important to note that this cork puller takes considerably more strength to use than the above methods, and is a preferred tool for older corks.

TheDurand: This is a newer style of wine opener that combines the idea behind the Ah-So and the Twist and Pull. This is the most ideal corkscrew for older, fragile corks; however, it’s also one of the more expensive options.

Air Pressure Pump: This wine opener makes use of air pressure to push the cork out from the bottle. Simply insert the needle through the cork and pump until the cork is pushed from the bottle.

different types of corkscrews


If a customer orders their steak with no pink inside, they want their steak cooked well done.

A well-done steak should have a gray-brown colour on the inside and charring on the outside. It is a challenge to cook beef to this level without overdoing it. The key is to cook on low heat, or else your steak could end up dry and difficult to chew.

well done steak


Traditionally (predominately in North America), when following food service, the Busser is responsible for clearing and resetting tables?

Bussers, also known as runners, busboys or busgirls, are those who serve to clean tables following the departure of guests. Their duties involve taking dirty dishes to the kitchen and resetting for future guests. 

Due to the economic challenges faced over the past 2 years due to Covid, restaurants are beginning to re-think and re-look at how bussers are used, as well as their roles and responsibilities.



In some restaurants, the service bar is the area designated for servers to retrieve drinks made by the bartender?

A service bar is used to deliver bar drinks directly from the bartender to the waiters for their guests. Depending on the size of the bar, there can be a bartender dedicated solely to working the service bar while another tends to bar patrons.

service bar


‘Drag it through the garden’ might be used by a diner waitron (predominately in North America) to tell the kitchen to put all the condiments on a burger?

‘Drag it through the garden’ is another way to tell the kitchen to put all the condiments on it. Similarly, the phrase ‘walk a cow through the garden’ indicates a burger with lettuce, tomato, and onion.

drag it through the garden

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