Testy Tuesday Results

19 October 2021


Here are the correct answers for today’s Testy Tuesday Quiz:


The Table Turn Rate is the average amount of time that a table is occupied. For example, if two separate parties are seated at the same table within a 60 min period, the table turn rate is 30 minutes per hour.


A cycle menu is a series of menus repeated over a specific period of time, such as 4 weeks. The menu is different each day during the cycle. And, at the end of the cycle, the menu is repeated.


A Blini, sometimes, blin, is a Russian pancake traditionally made from wheat or buckwheat flour and served with smetana, tvorog, butter, caviar and other garnishes. Blini are among the most popular and most-eaten dishes in Russia.


A cheque is the final bill which is presented to the guest which contain the details or items ordered, quantity and total bill value along with any applicable VAT and a service charge (tip).


Tannins are a compound found in wine that give wine an astringent, mouth-drying effect.

Tannins are, essentially, a wine’s pucker power. It is generally more dominant in younger red wines that haven’t had the time to soften up with age. A wine with high tannins can be described as bitter and astringent. Tannins are derived from the skins, stems, and seeds of the grapes used to produce the wine.


See you next week. In the mean time, keep on learning as you go

The Team at Testy Tuesday